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Preeta at AO Foundation

Since January 2020 Preeta Ananthanarayanan is spending her PhD stage abroad at AO Foundation, Davos, Switzerland, hosted by Prof. Mauro Alini and Dr. Tiziano Serra. She is focusing on cell biorpinting techniques to recreate in vitro the complex tumor microenvironment.

Many thanks to Mauro and Tiziano for the precious scientific guidance and the strong support  during the Covid-19 outbreak.

My best wishes to Preeta to reach her goals during the staying in Davos!


Good luck Iris!

Iris Chiara Salaroglio has got a position in the R&D sector of Pantec s.r.l.

Her new experience will start on 1st August.

From all the team members, the best wishes for your future!

Congratulations Preeta!

Preeta Ananthanarayanan awarded the Mass Spectrometry Division prize for the best presentation at the 2nd International Proteomics and Metabolmics Conference, Verona,  1 July 2019, for her work on proteostasis as new therapeutic target in malignant pleural mesothelioma.



International AICC Meeting in Catanzaro

The 32nd Annual meeting of Italian Association of Cell Colture (AICC 2019) will take taking place in Catanzaro University Campus, Italy from October 1st to 2nd, ‪2019.

The meeting, realized thanks yo the great and continuous effort of Maria Teresa Di Martino and AICC , is now ready for registration.

Be part of the great event with an outstanding Scientific programme, including high-quality sessions:

Monday, 1st October 2019:

• Keynote lecture from Nobel Bruce A. Beutler, UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas (TX)

· Distnguished lecture from Michele Carbone, University of Hawaii Cancer Center, Honolulu (HI)

· Session 1: Biomarkers for diagnosis, monitoring of progression and therapeutic response

• Session 2: Single cell profiling: from bench to bedside

• TECHNICAL SESSION I:Insights in single gene analysis technologies

Tuesday, October 2nd 2019:

• Session 3: Functional genomics in clinical practice

• TECHNICAL SESSION II: Insights in single cell profiling technologies

• Session 4: Functional immunomics in precision medicine

• Closing Lecture from Francesco Marincola, Refuge Biotechnologies, Menlo Park (CA)

A number of awards will be assigned to young investigators (<35 years) by AICC, Journal of Experimental and Clinical Cancer Research, and other meeting partners


More details are on the AICC website:


Hope to see many many friends in Catanzaro!

Therapeutic nanoproducts: from biology to innovative technology

The meeting “Therapeutic nanoproducts: from biology to innovative technology” will be held in Rome, 19-20 June 2019, at the Istituto Superiore di Sanità.

Thank to Dr. Stefania Meschini and AICC to organizing this cutting-edge event on nanomedicine.

Please, have a look to the program:

Therapeutic nanoproducts: from biology to innovative technology

Elena will present her work entitled “Hyaluronated liposomes containing H2S-releasing doxorubicin are effective againts P-glycoprotein-positive/doxorubicin-resistant osteosarcomas”.


Good luck!



Time of changes

The start of 2019 has been a time of changes in the lab.

Vladan Milosevic has finished his PhD and started working as post-doc researcher at Revensburg University, Germany.

Iris Chiara Salaroglio was awarded by a 3-year FIRC fellowship and started a new project under the joint supervision of Prof. Chiara Riganti and Prof. Paola Defilippi.

Eleonora Mungo obtained a new position as data manager.

Carolina Dimas Belisario re-joined the group as senior post-doc after 5-year.

To Vladan, Iris, Eleonora and Carolina, the best wishes for these new adventures!





The 2nd International Proteomics and Metabolmics Conference will be held in Verona, 1 July 2019, thanks to the organization of Massimo Donadelli, AICC and Italian Division of Mass Spectrometry.

Please take a few moments to see the conference program:


Iris and Preeta will present their respective works on lipidomic  and cancer chemo-immuneresistance, and on protien turnover and chemo.immune-resistant phenotype-


As post-conference event, the Advanced School “Bioinformatics tools for mass mass-spectrometry based omic data: from pathways reconstruction to multi-omic data integration” will take place on 2 July.

Graduated and PhD studenst are welcome!

Best Wishes Iris!

Iris work entitled:

3D-models of breast cancer: a step over 2D-cultures to study chemoresistance

has been selected as Oral Communication at the 31th Annual Conference of Italian Association of Cell Cultures – Cell communication and signaling, Bologna, 27-28 November 2018.

Good luck!